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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This just in: worrying signs that holders of unfashionable minority opinions expect to share the "academic freedom" enjoyed by right-wing bullies

Should we expect those loud-mouthed champions of academic freedom Alan Dershowitz and Steven Weinberg to speak out against the disgusting abrogation thereof on their own doorstep at DePaul University?

Hardly, since Dershowitz was one of the instigators of the witch-hunt against Norman Finkelstein, and Weinberg wouldn't recognise academic freedom (or any other kind) if it was rammed up his racist rump.

Still, at least there are evidently enough decent Americans to stand up and be counted against the cowardly Ds and Ws. I'm proud that we Brits have some involvement with the campaign (Tariq Ali is hosting the public meeting).

BTW, I can't help noticing that Alan Dershowitz and Anthony Julius don't seem to have done very well at bankrupting British academia just yet. Perhaps they have targeting accuracy similar to that of US pilots in Afghanistan and Iraq, or the IDF in Palestine, and have instead managed to cause the collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage sector.


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