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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Strolling Theatricals - "Bouncy Castle Macbeth" - 14 August 2007

This, surely, is one of those shows that one could only get in the Edinburgh Fringe. A cut-down (but otherwise hardly modified) version of Macbeth played entirely on a bouncy castle? It has advantages. I mean, how often do you see Lady Macbeth actually turn a back somersault with joy at reading her husband's letter in Act One?

Particular pleasures:

"Thou sure and firm-set earth (bounce, bounce...)"

"...a poor player that struts and fret and bounces his hour upon the stage...."

Knowing what was coming during Macbeth's pre-murder monologue as a giant inflatable banana appeared over the battlements: "Is this a dagger that I see before me..."

Duncan's being battered to death by a gigantic ketchup-stained banana.

Some wonderful Coarse Acting, esp. from Duncan.

The dinner scene (appearance of Banquo's ghost), in which we have the pleasure of three couples doing a kind of Scottish Country Dancing (on a bouncy castle).

"They have tied me to a stake, I cannot fly" voiced by Macbeth with an inflatable beefsteak strapped to his head.

An inflatable Banquo, whose progeny are represnted in Act IV sc. 1 by a family album.

In their own words....

Oh, go and see it. The only bad review I've read was from someone who had no previous knowledge of Macbeth at all, which might - I suppose - alter your expectations a bit. (The giant banana is, after, funny only if one is expecting a dagger.) Worthy of your support, people of Edinburgh.

I look forward to next year (variously suggested as King Lear or Oedipus Rex).


At 16 August, 2007 15:49, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

That sounds like a marvelous way of doing it.


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