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Friday, August 10, 2007

Not the Edinburgh Festival - Part One

So what's a blogger to do when he lives in Edinburgh, in the middle of the world's biggest arts festival (actually a whole collection of overlapping arts festivals, of which the Fringe by itself is the world's largest)?

Obviously I'm going to do some posts about Victoria Week in Ballater, right? Mostly because that's where I've been since last Sunday.

Pretty decent week (almost) of holiday really, kicked off by some mega gardening action in the shared garden of our Ballater flat. You know the kind of thing: digging out tree stumps, replacing rotted logs in path edgings, laying paving slabs in front of the new shed, blah-di-blah-di-blah. Satisfying stuff. Went to Aboyne, bought some new shoes in a sale (as you do). Wet afternoon, went to Aberdeen and watched The Simpsons Movie: Hilary passed on it (not a Springfield fan), but Ruairidh and I loved it (my favourite moment was the Grand Theft Walrus arcade game in Alaska).

Cycled up Glen Gairn to Loch Builg (pronounced Boo-lig) (don't blame me, it's not my language).

Today, set out to climb Conachcraig to get the wonderful views of Lochnagar, except that it clouded over to the extent that views of Conachcraig from Conachraig were going to be infrequent. As the only one of us not to have climbed it already is Ruairidh, who is not remotely table-driven in his hill-walking, the loss of the day's Corbett went unmourned as we decided instead to take the stalkers' track (which we hadn't tried before) which goes from about 100m after the Lochnagar "tourist route" path leaves the Land-Rover track and ends up at the top of the waterfall on the Glas Allt. A wet kind of a path, but a good walk, and the waterfall was spectacular after all the rain. Plus we got to walk most of the way back along the north side of Loch Muick, and that's always fun.

See next post's thrilling instalment for the cultural bits.


At 11 August, 2007 09:59, Anonymous Phil said...

Obviously I'm going to do some posts about Victoria Week in Ballater, right?

Of course. I once went to the Carlisle Great Fair in preference to the Edinburgh thing. It was... well, great.


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