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Friday, August 03, 2007

Next year in ....Tehran, still, actually, thanks

Hardly surprising in the light of the preceding post, perhaps, but this story is interesting in many ways. As a vote of no confidence in Israel as the ultimate goal of all Jewry. As a demonstration of the patriotism of Iran's Jewish population, thereby helping to demolish the anti-Semitic myth that Jews are always more interested in Israel than in their own countries. As a slap in the face to those (apparently including some "wealthy expatriate Jews"*) who believe that anyone's loyalty can be bought if you have deep enough pockets. But most of all, as a hole below the waterline in the argument beloved of those who play the anti-Semitism card at the first hint of criticism of Israeli policies, that Israel = Jews, and Jews = Israel. Wake up and smell the houmous, gentlemen: there are plenty of Jews who have more pride and integrity than to turn their backs on their own country's proud history and give allegiance instead to a Jacob-come-lately twentieth-century creation.

Jews of Iran: I salute you.

(*) What is an "expatriate Jew"? Is that one who lives in Israel, or one who doesn't?


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