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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monsters from the ID

My friend Sue Barnard, aka Eddi the Seahorse, has created an e-petition on the 10 Downing Street site calling for identity cards to be issued free of charge if their possession is to be made compulsory. Sounds fair enough to me: I don't have any big problem with the concept of identity cards (if I was paranoid about people knowing where I was I'd never use a mobile phone). And my details already appear on countless databases: am I naive enough to think that if linking them together was desirable to the government its illegality would have stopped them up to now? (Hint: how legal was the Iraq war?) So I'm never going to get over-excited about having to carry an ID card; in fact it would be handy in some ways. (As my driving licence is one of the old ones without a photograph I have to remember to take my passport whenever I fly to Manchester for work, as I need photo ID to check in.) Being forced to pay for it, OTOH, sucks. I was under the impression that I paid taxes for that kind of thing. (What's that? All spent on the Iraq war? Tough.)

Anyway, here's the petition. All you British citizens among my readership, go and sign it.

Go on!


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