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Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's Good News Week

Some heartening stories - or just plain funny ones - from the past week or so:

A new neolithic village was found in Orkney. My favourite place in Scotland just got better.

(On the other hand, it just got worse.)


Another piece of Washington trash is put out.

Gosh: Rumsfeld, Bolton, Wolfowitz and now Rove. Soon the only useless bastards left from Bush's golden boys will be the ones who were actually elected (and to my American readers, I'm sorry guys: second time round at least, it's your fault).

The first time round, of course, the decision ended up, as it should, with the Supreme Court. There is a wonderful book taking apart ("shredding" might be a better description) that Supreme Court decision, by none other than Alan Dershowitz, who is in general the last person you would suspect of being anything other than a Bush toady. I'm not sure whether this means that he became corrupted once he realised that the Bush administration supported all his own prejudices, or (more likely) whether he's a better lawyer than he is a human being. and simply couldn't keep quiet about a manifest failure of the legal system even when he benefited from it.


And this idiot kept my whole family amused. ("Oh my , the cage is too big. Well, I'll just put a sodding great carnivorous predator on my lap then, because that always works.")