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Friday, August 03, 2007

Playing Catch-up

I'm conscious of having got a little behind (that would be the Queen video....) with my posting recently. So: I have recently seen:

Into The Woods(Junior), Lyceum Youth Theatre, July 20th

Which featured my son Ruairidh as the steward of Prince Charming (who upstaged whoever he acted with, so R's comparatively small role was no drawback). I'd give you the names (also of the amazing Little Red Riding Hood, making her stage debut at the age of 12 and blowing everyone else away) but in the fortnight since I saw the show the programme has been filed away somewhere beyond the reach of my ingenuity. (Accio programme! Nah, that doesn't work either.)

Ah well, here's a picture (production shot by Pascal, Douglas Robertson agency, copyright Pascal , photographer). My son is on the far left holding a staff and looking despondent.

The production was incredibly well done. And yes, Ruairidh was great too. Hilary and I wished we could have seen it twice (we were away for the second night, but our daughter, still recovering from her Harry Potter-induced all-nighter, took our place).

Ten Canoes (Edinburgh Filmhouse)

This is a film about native Australians, which tells its story at its own pace. The story of made up of a framing narrative by a native Australian (whose voice sounds almost South African), a main story in black & white about a group of men going off to hunt goose eggs, where one of the men covets his brother's youngest wife, and a flashback in colour of an parallel story of sibling wife-coveting. It rolls along at just the right speed, despite the odd murder, war etc. It's a film you could probably watch to learn goose-egg collecting skills - and certainly to learn canoe-building - but which is ultimately just a story where not much happens.

Actually when I saw it something did happen. The opening credits showed the left-hand side of the screen fine, but the right-hand side divided in two with red and green predominating in each half. The management gave their apologies and said the projector was just being re-booted. Is it just me who finds the thought of re-booting a projector deeply funny?


At 03 August, 2007 18:26, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

You've got all kinds of talent in your family. I'm impressed.


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