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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hey Jordi, where you goin' with that bow in your hand?

As a follow-up to this post, I can't refrain from mentioning this wonderful story to which Hilary drew my attention.

Mid-air altercations leading to staff getting injured? Blimey. I blame this opera nonsense meself: all these long-haired Florentine layabouts like Claudio Maharishi, and their new-fangled music. It won't last.....

One assumes that any stories of Jordi Savall throwing TV sets out of a window of the Balmoral Hotel, or snorting cocaine through rolled-up pages of L'Incoronazione di Poppea, will be kept out of the papers. *

Anyway, here is a picture of Jordi, perhaps just before settting his viola da gamba alight during a performance of Playford's La Cloche....

And here's someone who saw the same performance of Orfeo as me and liked it slightly less musically; but who also saw Jordi's solo viola da gamba recital which I hadn't booked for, and loved it. Damn.

* I was present at a piano rehearsal for Mike Nunn's 1974 student production of Poppea when someone or other knocked a gin and tonic (with the gin dominant, of course...ta-da!) over what was at the time the only copy (I believe) of the score of the Raymond Leppard edition. Fortunately, Leppard's ink rose to the occasion (Mike commenting that it probably wasn't the first inundation it had had, musicians being what they are....).


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