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Friday, August 03, 2007

Brazen Saddles

I had to laugh at this in The Daily Mash. George says a lot of good sense on many occasions, but does go over the top sometimes, and his foamings at the mouth over the evils of air travel have provided splendid recent instances of this.

Perhaps I should offset my Monbiot deficit against this (in a feeble attempt to drum up more traffic). Actually it's a pretty funny idea and actually rather neat (not to say appropriate). The soundtrack would have to be Queen...

I remember a documentary about Queen discussing that video, and one of the participants saying that one of the (male!) production staff had been very solicitous about offering to change her saddle in case she was uncomfortable. Hmm, yes, I bet he was.... Amusing to see for the Wikipedia entry (linked below) that the saddles were all hired from Halfords who wouldn't take them back once they realised what they'd been used for. My God, imagine what they'd have fetched on eBay in these days when Dita von Teese can sell her used stockings for $50 a pair .....

Please understand that I learned that from the Independent, who interviewed Dita last week, and not from first-hand (or -leg) experience. My wife moans enough about my online CD purchases.....

But why was not a single girl in the Queen video fat-bottomed? (I have watched the video several times - in a spirit of open-minded research, obv. - and none of the bottoms is fat.)


At 03 August, 2007 18:25, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Hmmm, maybe if I show up with a load of fingerpaints at the next one and offer free touchups, except unfortunately I know who would be stopping by my booth.


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