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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Why oh why oh why?

Does anyone know why Blogger won't allow me to move my cursor to the "Title" box so I can add titles to my posts? At least, not without refreshing my screen umpteen times? (Four in the case of this post, and about eight for the previous one.)

Update: I checked the Blogger help page and it seems this has been broken since Friday when Google made a (clearly badly-tested) change to Blogger. The technique, for all the rest of you sufferers out there, is to move your cursor slowly up to the top edge of the title field, near the middle, where it will turn into an insert cursor (the I-shaped one) instead of an arrow. Then you can type into the title field. The "Edit HTML" and "Compose" tabs had a similar thing last week, where there was only one point in the tab where the cursor caused them to highligh so they could be selected.

One has to ask what kind of chimps, precisely, are managing software implementations at Google. To have a serious error of this kind not only go unnoticed in testing but to remain unfixed three and a half days later in very definitely not acceptable. Of course, maybe instead of firing the implementation manager Google have fired all their developers instead, which would be very Dilbertish but would at least explain the lack of a fix.


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