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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sense and nonsense about the bombings

Good sense in the aftermath of the Glasgow and London car bombs from Craig Murray (to whose appearance in the Edinburgh Book Festival I am very much looking forward). While there can be no doubt that we're dealing with Islamic terrorists here, to suggest that it's anything to do with al-Qaeda beggars belief. When did you last hear of al-Qaeda funding people whose ability at bomb-making appears to be limited to setting fire to cars (and there are a lot of people in Glasgow who do that regularly with no al-Qaeda funding at all)? Or a "suicide bomber" who (a) fails to notice that the bit of airport he's ramming has a crash barrier in front of it? Or who tries to run away? The history of Palestine is littered with suicide bombers who kill nobody except themselves, but these guys seem to have taken it to the next level by not even killing themselves, like the old joke about the dumb Kamikaze pilot who flew ten missions.

So the whole business makes me angry but it doesn't instil in me the Islamophobic panic that the press appears to think it should.

Of course, the Daily Express manages to work the attacks into its usual ranting about the NHS by suggesting that the reason the bombs didn't go off was because of "dud NHS syringes".

Did you notice the huge TV and press coverage for this Glasgow attack where someone rammed a car into a building and set it on fire? Me neither. But then, the victims were Asian.

And I bet you didn't notice this either. Trevor Kavanagh in the Sun clearly didn't, as he thinks that "Muslim extremists are the only ones trying to blow up Britain today". As Martin Sullivan says in that Islamophobia Watch response, the answer to Kavanagh's stupid question "When did a Hindu protestor last put a bomb in a mosque" is probably May 18th. But if the man ever read a newspaper he'd know that Shiv Sena and the like not infrequently bomb mosques and other places where they can target Muslims. And as for when a Jew last put on a belt of explosives: well, suicide belts aren't their style, but if you pop back to the final paragraphs of this post a couple of months back you can see that it doesn't cramp their style too much.

And from the fact that this story (which briefly made the headlines here) has fizzled out completely, I'd have a good guess that the plotters turned out not to have a Muslim connection at all. And (see above) who wants to hear about non-Islamic terrorism?


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