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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One of those weeks....

...when I've got behind with all the blog posts I meant to write. So here is a kind of "news in brief" round-up, starting with sport.


Jamie Murray and Jelena Jankovic. (Jummy.) It's rather amusing that the year Andy Murray has to miss Wimbledon through injury, his big bruv becomes the first Scottish Wimbledon champ since the late Permian or whatever. We watched J & J's last three matches and they were excellent throughout: it's not just that they played good tennis, and entertaining tennis, but they were so obviously having a ball. The only player these days in the singles (of either sex) who ever seems to have that same air of having real fun on a tennis court is Andy Roddick.

Of course the men's and women's finals were good matches too. But doesn't it just demonstrate how completely the singles matches dominate the media? If Tearful Tim had won the singles (ever) (in a competition you'd heard of) the papers would have been full of it for a month. But when we actually get a British champion at Wimbledon, because he's in the doubles he ends up on the inside pages, or relegated to the end of the sports news. It isn't even as though doubles wasn't as much fun to watch: some of those rallies go bloody fast. AND Murray and Jankovic are incredibly photogenic. Oh well. YAY US! (Cheers, waves wee Scottish saltire flag....)

Le Tour de France

Or, to begin with, d'Angleterre. Dramatic stuff on all four days so far:

Prologue - London looking beautiful, very fast times, Andreas Kloeden blowing the competition away by about ten seconds, then Fabian Cancellara blowing HIS time away by a further twelve seconds. Talk about Wile E. Coyote and Road-Runner. Beep, beep.

Stage One - Kent looking even more beautiful, wonderful French titles on the TV ("la côte de Southborough" was my favourite), Robbie McEwen falling about 10 km from the finish and reappearing from nowhere to win the final sprint. Does this man have a Tardis?

Stage Two - spectacular crash almost at the finish, fortunately not causing much in the way of serious injury (though one guy broke his thumb in five places - how do you do that?). I liked the ITV4 commentators discussing one rider who had thought he'd broken his collar-bone "but he'd forgotten that his collar-bone was mostly titanium plate from an earlier crash and is virtually indestructible". Brit David Millar got the polka-dot "King Of The Mountains" jersey. (What mountains? you ask - this is Belgium we're talking about after all.)

Stage Three - high drama as a group of four riders who had broken away very early began to look, abiout 30 km from the finish, as though they might actually not be caught by the pack. They were, though only just, and the surprise stage winner was in fact the overall leader Fabian Cancellara.

Oh, and shrewd timing to release The Flying Scotsman at the time of maximum national interest in cycling.


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