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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One of those weeks (continued)

Dr Who

Everyone has had their say now about the two-part finale of series three (and it still seems weird to me to call it that when the real series three was back in the 1960s). I'll just add a few observations:

Use of music - wonderful (John Simms prancing around to the Scissor Sisters was priceless).

Deus ex machina (or what someone called the whole Dr Who/Neo thing) - less than impressed.

Death (???) of the Master - very nicely handled.

"You could go anywhere in the universe. Twice: the second time to apologise."

"The Face of Bo" - tee hee.

A dignified exit from Martha.

Logical flaws - if everything was restored back to the time between the assassination of the US President-elect and the opening of the rift, why does everyone on Earth not remain freaked out by having seen aliens offing the Pres? And does nobody wonder where their Prime Minister has gone (or the Cabinet for that matter)? And wouldn't the Archangel network still be transmitting its drumbeats?

But wotthehell - DT was fantastic, and so was JS, and it all just about came off.

Rather cheesy lead into the Christmas special, I thought.

Kylie to star opposite DT in the aforementioned special: now that's what I call a team.

And Catherine Tate is to return as the Doctor's companion for the next series. Seems OK to me: I'd never seen her before The Runaway Bridegroom, and I thought she was promising in that. As someone said in a comment on Rullsenberg Rules, at least we should avoid unrequited love this time then.


At 11 July, 2007 07:51, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I still have some strange and mixed feelings about the finale. Didn't really like the Jones the Baptist lines (I mostly think it could have been better written, less CLUNKY), and although the glowing Christ-almighty-its-bloody-Neo Doctor did elicit a cheer from me that more because, well, it WAS the Doctor back to do what the Doctor does and was less a believing it in itself was a convicing thing. But something in me DID really like the on-ship 'gang' saying "Doctor" with their own specific take on the statement, what it meant to them: Jack, Martha's family (especially her mom) and the blank eyed Lucy - somehow, THAT worked for me and let me forgive the pseudo(?!)-Christian magical glowing cobblers. And like the conceit of the Who theme being the insistent, world dominating 'Sound of Drums', there was something primal and wonderful about thinking the whole world was tuned in to having the Doctor on their minds...


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