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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I bet the Israeli satirists are having fun right now

Also from Ha'aretz: this story.

I in no way condone violence in the Knesset, and I think de Hartuch should definitely be punished, either by a ban, a fine, or both. However, I can't help recalling the huge fuss among British and American Jews when Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, compared a journalist to a concentration camp guard (with no justification as far as I am aware). Meanwhile, in "democratic" Israel, MK Yakov Cohen seems to have escaped even mild censure for saying that de Hartuch (who had the temerity to oppose one of Cohen's pet gravy trains) was "more evil and terrible than the Nazis". Political pluralism? Opposition? Debate? Not for our Yakov. (Mind you, de Hartuch didn't respond according to democratic norms of conduct either.)

It's true what the "Friends of Israel" are always saying: we do hold Israel to a different standard from that which we apply to other countries. In other countries, comparing a Jew to the Nazis is seen as heinous anti-Semitism and if done by a public official leads to calls for resignation. Not in Israel, apparently.

Furthermore, I've always hated the term (beloved of the Jewish-American Right) "Self-hating Jew". But Yakov Cohen seems to fit the description better than anyone I've previously heard of. And if I despise the term, well, I reserve the right to despise Cohen as well.


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