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Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter (3)

There are some strange people about. I could just about see why the Christian lunatic fringe worked themselves into a frenzy when The Exorcist came out in my student days: at least that was about a battle between a priest and the Devil (though I would have thought if anything was likely to discourage dabbling in the occult that film might do it). But Harry Potter? The Potter stories firmly avoid any discussion of God, gods, goddesses, the devil, reincarnation or indeed any overtly religious ideas. Indeed, magic in JK Rowling's books is presented wholly as an alternative form of technology (bringing to mind Arthur C Clarke's dictum that "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", and Larry Niven's riposte that "any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology"). Souls are talked about, and Voldemort said to have effectively traded parts of his for a limited kind of immortality. Voldemort, though, is the only character we know (up to now at least) to have been involved in any kind of reanimation of the dead or other jiggery-pokery with souls, and he is very clearly The Bad Guy. (He Who Must Not Be Imitated.) The Good Guys, on the other hand, place much emphasis on Love, Pity, Truth and Justice. Where's the problem?

Evidently that isn't enough, though, for some people.

Personally I'd love to know where they found references in Harry Potter to Tarot cards and Ouija boards, because there are none. There may be a crystal ball somewhere in one of Professor Trelawny's lessons, but none of the main characters have much time for Prof. Trelawny in any case, considering her rather a loser (albeit an amiable one). I'm thinking that the guys at chick.com aren't quite as much into Truth, let alone Love, Pity or Justice, as they might be. Nope, I'll stick with Harry Potter. Or even, you know, Jesus.

Yecch. Now I'll need to go and watch my DVD of The Wicker Man (the original one, obv.) to remove the nasty taste left by that comic strip.


At 22 July, 2007 12:02, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Holy crap, that 'comic strip' is just... breathtakingly stupid.

Have you seen the stuff on the site about the King James Bible? Guess I'm gonna be damed for liking it as literature eh?!

At 24 July, 2007 17:28, Blogger Tim H said...

You only just discovered Jack Chick?

His bizarre tracts have a sort of cult following in some circles; they're so totally OTT they're wierdly compelling. You should read what he thinks about Catholics in tracts like "The Death Cookie"


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