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Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter (1)

Went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on Wednesday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It isn't my favourite book of the series (it's the only one I really feel is overlong) but the film prunes it very effectively. Everyone will have some favourite episode omitted (I mourn the loss of Fred & George's portable swamp) but on the whole they do pretty well. I wondered why they bothered with Kreecher's rather cameo appearance: apparently the original plan had been to cut him altogether but JKR hinted that they'd have trouble when the seventh film came round if they did that. Again, the presence in the basement of the Ministry of Magic of an archway full of, er, death is put into context in the book but not in the film. There are one or two seemingly capricious alterations, and I do rather miss the sheer creepiness of Voldemort's appearance on the scene in the book ("Can't I, Harry?"......) But overall I'd give it 7 out of 10, I think. Michael Gambon is proving to be a solid replacement for Richard Harris as Dumbledore, and I suspect as we continue to move into darker territory in the next film he will really own the role.

The final thing I missed from the book: the weirdness for Ron/Hermione/Ginny of flying on animals they couldn't see. (Trying not to spoil too much here for readers who don't know the storyline.)


At 27 July, 2007 16:40, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

So rob, have you finished book 7 yet? I got my hands on a friend's copy at lunch yesterday - Thursday - (ta Lisette!) and had only read about 100 pages by end of the day. Apart from household chores (buy some bread, wash some clothes) I gave up the rest of today to reading it and finished by about 3pm. I have to say I did have some curious sensations of wetness around my eyes. It wasn't a full blown "I-can-hardly-read-the-pages-for-sobbing" as I had reading the final volume of Pullman's trilogy, but there was definite wetness dripping down my cheeks.

It was quite a 7 volume journey wasn't it? [Note: I have tried to avoid giving anything away in these remarks for not-finished-reading-yet commentors]

At 31 July, 2007 03:06, Blogger Rob said...

Finished it at the weekend, in a bar on Oxford Rd in Manchester, after having met Clare (Boob) in Jabez Clegg. Since when I've been comparing notes by text with wife and daughter on which bits we found most affecting. In general it seems to have been a close contest between (takes care not to gove anything away) the bit with the Pensieve, the death just before that, and the death of the character who gets killed by a thrown knife. In my own case, the last of these won out.

We all found it a satisfactory end to the journey, and were pleased and amused to find that collectively we'd done quite well predicting who died off (though we'd expected more central characters to go).

I rather enjoyed the robbery as well.....

Noting that in the epilogue there is no mention of what most of the survivors are doing for a living, one can only assume that the main ones are living off the proceeds of their memoirs!

Favourite moment: McGonagall's reaction just after Harry fires off his (first and last) Cruciatus curse.

And Aberforth's patronus is a goat! Tee hee. My daughter was hugely impressed in the most recent film (remember that until the last book came out it the identification of the Hog's Head landord as Aberforth was a piece of non-canonical fan lore, albeit confirmed by JKR) by the scene where Harry, ROn and Hermiione go into the Hog's Head to discuss forming the DA. The very first thing you see is the landlord ushering out a goat......

At 31 July, 2007 03:11, Blogger Rob said...

"In general it seems to have been a close contest between (takes care not to gove anything away) the bit with the Pensieve, the death just before that, and the death of the character who gets killed by a thrown knife."

Knowing as I do that "between" (being related to "twain") is correctly used only of two alternatives, that clause gave me a little concern. However I couldn't think of a non-clumsy way of recasting it. Maybe it's like those rare occasions when splitting an infinitive is the best way of avoiding ambiguity without completely wrecking readability.

Anyone with a better suggetsion is welcome to to one of several things with it, including post it here.


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