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Thursday, June 28, 2007

You couldn't make it up

...and would you want to if you could?

The man whose sole contribution to the politics of West Asia was to delay the ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon while he worked on his soundbites, thus causing a few thousand more civilian deaths, has been appointed the Middle East envoy of the Quartet (USA, Russia, EU and UN).

What in the name of Christ/Allah/G_d could they have been thinking of? Did they try Salman Rushdie and get a refusal? Was Osama bin Laden not answering his telephone?

Could they have found anyone less qualified for the job? Former Foreign Secretary Lord (Douglas) Hurd described Blair as "uniquely disqualified" for the job. It is rather like giving Josef Mengele the contract to design a Holocaust memorial.

Still, one must concentrate on the important question: what are the eye-catching initiatives with which Bliar can be personally associated? Would that be the Lebensraum Wall? The uninspected and unregulated Israeli nuclear weapons programme? Or the continued refusal of Israel to permit Palestinians to attend university (while bleating about suppression of academic freedom if its own access to the British gravy train is threatened)? I'm sure that any of those victories for the Blairite way would amply supplement the legacy of a liar to Parliament, a murderer of British soldiers and Iraqi civilians, and an accomplice of corrupt arms dealers.

The best one can hope for, I fear, is that he rapidly stops a bullet that might otherwise have killed someone of value to humanity.


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