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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A sad day for academic freedom

Alan Dershowitz, ambulance-chasing lawyer and dishonest academic, has got his way and denied Norman Finkelstein tenure at DePaul university. Indeed not only has tenure been refused, Finkelstein's contract is being terminated. And anyone who believes that Dershowitz played no role is naive: the Personnel Committee explicitly refers to a "dossier" which from the context is clearly the defamatory dossier circulated by Dershowitz.That the university president felt the need to lie on this issue tells us all we need to know about his integrity and his commitment to academic freedom. For thirty pieces of silver he has sold out a decent man to appease a hypocritical bully.

Wouldn't it be good if a British university offered Finkelstein a position and demonstrated to the USA what academic freedom means? (No point trying to demonstrate it to Dershowitz, who is clearly incapable of getting his third-rate mind around such awkward concepts.) As Dershowitz is planning to demonstrate his commitment to learning and freedom by bankrupting British universities anyway, he can hardly threaten them further.

In any case, Finkelstein deserves better than whiling away his life in a nowhere college like DePaul. Good luck to him in finding something better.


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