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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's legacy time

Not being a regular Independent reader, I missed this article listing the various fundamental rights enjoyed by all our EU partners which the government was at such pains to ensure were not to be shared with its own citizens. (Hat tip: Blairwatch)

Protection from eugenic practices
Protection from torture
Protection from removal to a state where there is a serious risk of torture
Protection from slavery

Good for a start, eh?

Right to freedom of association
Right to freedom of assembly
Right to protection of personal data
Right to strike

Gosh. How relieved I am that our government has saved us from receiving these rights and protections.

I had to laugh at an article in the Guardian at the weekend which was expressing relief that Blair had not managed to "persuade" Brown to take us into the Single European Currency. As though the most Eurosceptic Prime Minister of my lifetime (and no, I haven't forgotten Thatcher) ever had the slightest intention of doing any such thing. To be honest I'm surprised Blair - with his policies perennially driven by the reactions of Daily Mail readers - didn't withdraw us from the EU altogether.


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