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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bouncing around the blogosphere

I've just had one of those funny passages of blogging where I followed a link, found something, followed another, did a scan to find something else and suddenly was confronted with not only a new blog but what looks like a rather splendid post thereon to unwrap at my leisure.

I'd been over at Mad Musings of Me to get Gert's email address so I could tell her I'd tagged her (see previous post). While I was at it I mentioned that I'd recently linked to a piece of musical humour she might enjoy.

Which put me in mind of where I'd found it, so it was off to 2nd Altos Like The Bottom Parts where I read Jocelyn's comments on the BBC's Glastonbury coverage. She mentioned that her other blog had had to be taken down, and I realised I couldn't remember its name, hence the Googling. And while I had a page of hits up for "Halle Choir" AND "Jocelyn" I found a reference to her in a list of Mancunian blogs on The Manchizzle. And next to that I found a reference to this post on what would seem to be a promising blog. I'm looking forward to reading the extended answers to the highly varied questions his readership came up with.

And every time I visit The Manchizzle I begin to feel a little homesick for Manchester. Only a little, mind, seeing as how I last lived there (actually a few hundred metres outside Greater Manchester, in Cheshire, if I'm pedantic) full-time in 1973 and moved out altogether on August Bank Holiday 1977. I was born there, though (bang in the middle, diagonally across the junction from what's now the Palace Hotel, and thus where this picture was taken from). Lots of happy memories.

And in another piece of serendipity, the Google scan that found me the Palace Hotel picture also returned this beauty.

Oh you'll never see my face, or hear the sound of my feet
While there's a moon over Whitworth Street....