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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Bloggers United Will Never Be Defeated

Mil Millington has recently had most of his website closed down without reason by Hostingplex, who have been demanding $150 to reopen it. Please post about this, encourage people not to use Hostigplex (a read of the link above should suffice to put them off) and email Hostingplex with a link to your blog post when you've done it.

Update: I emailed Hostingplex, linking to this post, and received the following reply:


I would love to hear about your blog post. May I ask where it's currently at?
Please note that intentionally causing someone's business harm is in fact against
several laws. There are laws out there to protect both the consumer and the
producers and in the event that we find material that we deem unacceptable we will
exercise our full rights within the law.

If you have any outstanding issues that you would love to discuss I'm available,
simply respond or open any existing tickets that you may have within the support

Thank you for your time and enjoy your holidays.

David J
Hostingplex Support

From which I conclude that David J (hey, succinct surname!) is either illiterate or a spambot, as I posted a clear and specific link to this very post. Hey, you don't think they're getting a lot of these emails, do you?

I also like the gentle threat of legal action for intentionally damaging someone's business; which is of course precisely what Hostingplex have done to The Weekly. Sweet.