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Friday, May 12, 2006

A picture may be worth a thousand words...

....but in this instance I'd rather have Rachel's 783 (I think) words than any picture of her lover. Adrian Henri's "Love Is" may be the best love poem of our era, but surely this is up there with the best prose.

(The Adrian Henri poem is the second one at that link. There are several links which point directly but they all share a stupid misprint of "funclub" for "fanclub" . The other Adrian Henri poems are ace anyway. Read them all.)


At 14 May, 2006 20:11, Blogger Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Am a HUGE fan of the Mersey poets and so am thrilled to read anyone praising their stuff.

But Rachel's piece...? Wow, how to take your breath away. Now that's the quality of writing I could only dream of producing. Not just because her experiences have been more intense than I would ever have been able to cope with, but also because she writes so eloquently of the love she and J share. Inspiring, heart-warming and beautifully written as a tribute to love.

Thanks for directing me to it.

At 17 May, 2006 10:30, Blogger Rob said...

My big brother bought the Penguin Modern Poets anthology when it first came out, so by the time I was at university I was already a big fan. It was great to find that one of my college girlfriends rated "Little Johnny's Confession" as her favourite poem. The trio came to the Fringe the year "New Voices" (the second Penguin anthology of the three of them) was published, and we were able to get tickets. I found it a great thrill to hear them reading poems I'd grown up with. And of course I got "New Voices" autographed!


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